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Hey everyone - LexusWorld
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Hey everyone
Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining Lexusworld! I am/was PikaDemon and started a new journal as onyxravine. In the meantime...

I was able to test drive one of the RX400h. I currently own an RX330 and in the pic for this forum is my old RX300, which I traded for the RX330 XD. I must say, the 400h is quite the beautiful machine! I was a little surprised to see how the hybrid engine is (obviously) efficient in city driving and pointless on the highway. I guess that will come in time as well. Living down here in FL, the hybrid doesn't do much good as there is a lot of highway travel... I a, however moving to NJ in a couple of weeks so the 400h keeps sounding better and better. Lots of slow bumper to bumper driving in NJ and NY. Anyways it looks exactly the same as the 330 which was also a little upsetting. I thought they would give it a little more futuristic appeal. If you put one right next to a 330 they look exactly the same (except the rear door windows are slightly different). Ohwell, just my 2 cents. I still look forward to owning a 400h...maybe if they release a 430h...LOL. Catch y'all later!

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